As for the Testaquadra knife, also for the sheath we have maintained the same compactness and innovation criteria: a magnetic sheath made by high-strength polyester fabric.
The magnet, specifically designed for marine use, facilitates the alignment of the blade, driving into its sheath easily and safely.
No mechanism to operate, or maintain, the knife can be taken and put back in place with a single gesture! to the benefit of speed and safety.

Data sheet:
Thickness: 6.5 mm
low-profile design
Material: high-strength polyester, anti-tear and anti-perforation
Versatile fixing: has two slots and two eyelets to secure it in different configurations and supports. Comaptible with M.O.L.L.E. system.

Warning: The magnet housed inside is very powerful: it is recommended to keep it away from other electronic devices to avoid interference.